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The Shack

Introduction for Paul Young
Video Introduction

Created to introduce author and speaker William Paul Young for his visit to Cornwall Church. A marvelous talk to a full house.

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Gateway Centre

Welcome to Gateway Centre
Social Media and YouTube Video

On a budget? With social media as the new marketing "call-to-arms", video is a great way to expand your reach without breaking the bank. This video is great example of increasing web presence, delivering your sales message and looking professional. . . all within a limited budget.

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Video One

An Introduction to Social Media
Social Media and YouTube Video

If you've been on our home page, you've already seen this video. This video was created as an example of using video as social media and how video can integrate with your website. If you are interested in having your own social media video . . . its a phone call away. 360.676.5252.

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La Boheme

Skagit Opera
Event Video

From the Skagit Opera's phenomenal performance of the Puccini classic, this scene is from the 3rd act when Mimi tells Marcello she has been abandoned by her love. Enjoy . . .

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Sound Essence Project

Mongolian Storyteller's Project
Feature-length Documentary

This film documents the lives and the stories of the nomadic people of Mongolia. From aged yaks milk to roping wild horses, this film offers a special, inside look at a world far removed from Western Culture. Produced by the Sound Essence Project, this film is currently in post-production.

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