What Camera Should I Buy?

With so many businesses and organizations ready to make their own videos, I often get asked: ” What kind of camera should I buy?”

Luckily, the answer is easy! . . . and despite the rapid changes in technology and hundreds of different cameras to choose from, the answer has always been the same.

Before you continue, check out these two videos: One was shot on HD using nearly $10,000 worth of video and editing gear. The second was made with a $12 garage sale camera from the late 90’s – basically, the lowest level camera I could find.

The question is . . . which camera took the better video?

Lets call the first video – WHITE CUP


Lets call the second video – BLUE CUP


And the answer is . . .

. . . I’m interested in what you think.

Please let me know your thoughts by commenting. I want to know which video you like better.

If your curious what I think, check out the page titled “What Camera Should I Buy?”*

P.S. The first video with the white cup was shot with the cheap camera.